Movement Workshops Teaching approach and structure

•Who are the courses for?  – Anyone who wants to know how to use gravity to feel better for professional and private motivations.

•Our workshops are designed to enrich the skills and knowledge of teachers and practitioners of any kind of movement (Yoga, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic, Pilates, Martial Arts practitioners, Gym teachers, free climbers….) to better understand how bodies function according to Gravity.

•Persons who use their bodies in their professions (singers, musicians, actors, dancers…) will experiment how to stand in gravity with ease.

•3 days classes will incorporate use of gravity in daily postures, and evoking new ways of breathing and walking, through individual embodiment exercises and by working in pairs or triads. A focus on recognizing patterns in oneself and others allow students to be more aware of their own reality and growth to become available for working with others.

•theory, embodiment exercises, practice on each other, body reading.

•There will be preparation readings before the workshop, and homework after the workshop.

Living in Gravity: The Dynamics of Posture •How we live in Gravity, discover that posture is a dynamic process. •Stand upright requires an interaction among the muscular system activities with coordination patterns, and perceptive capacities.

Relating in Gravity: The Dynamics of Breathing •Breathing is a movement that involves all aspects of the person: from the physicality, through the use of breathing muscles and respiratory organs, to the capacity of perceive the spaciousness inside the body and relate to the outside world from that space and finding out what could prevent a free flow between our inside and the outside.

Moving in Gravity: The Dynamics of Walking •The dynamic of walking. Moving into the space requires stability and mobility capacities through a coordinated action of all body parts. After having explored our postural habits in Movement-1 and how to allow a flow of breathing in Movement-2, now you’ll experiment how be able to move with a contra-lateral walking that provides balance and verticality.

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